About Us

Hop on board to see where the Storyland Express is going to take us today.  Each week there is a different tale to tell.  Original storytelling adventures and published books are used in the classes.  Stories are told creatively and explored using props, story sacks, puppets, costumes, masks, material, music, songs, dances, games, role play, parachute, bubbles, light shows, sensory objects and more. 

A theme will be covered over a few weeks with different stories providing a context for that week.  This enables children to fully explore roles, learn a new game, remember simple songs and express themselves. 

Storyland Express classes are developed and run by Caireen McMillan a highly qualified Primary Teacher with  extensive experience in the Early Years.  In Aberdeenshire Caireen was teaching Primary 1 to 3 and is skilled at organising engaging learning activities that motivate young children.   She has been trained in Aberdeenshire's 'Sing a Ring' programme, based on the Kodaly method of music instruction for young children and also trained in Storytelling.   As the mother of three children Caireen has planned many developmental activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.