Storyland Express Privacy Policy 

We have written this data protection, privacy policy to let you know about the data we store and how it is used. 

At Storyland Express we ask for the email address and mobile phone number of those coming to classes.

Email is always our first choice of contact and we use it to communicate any necessary class information e.g.

  • inform of any changes to class times or teachers for the day
  • to inform of dates and prices for the next block
  • to remind you of holiday weeks where classes are not running
  • to request payments or organise any refunds
  • information about booking Storyland Express
  • opportunities to order items used in class directly from us
  • new services or classes offered by Storyland Express

We rarely contact you by mobile phone but may do if a class was suddenly cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.  We may occasionally text or call if we were making changes to classes and wanted to find out what suited you best.

Your data is never passed on to 3rd parties. 

The data we store while you are attending classes or for our waiting lists is; your name, your child’s name & child’s date of birth, your email address and mobile phone number.  This data is stored on one drive excel class list files that are password protected.  The only people who have access to the files are the Administrator, Rachael Dempster and the Storyland Express Manager, Caireen McMillan. 

Our previous class lists, and payment amounts are recorded and archived for accounting purposes and to be available if needed by HMRC.  These records are stored on one drive and on the Storyland Express Managers computer both of which are password protected.

When you join classes, we will ask you to complete a registration form giving us permission to keep the details on it on file for that year.  We will be introducing a system where each new academic year we ask for your up to date contact information and permission to store and use your email address and mobile phone number.  We will keep this form for no longer than 14 months and will shred the forms after a maximum of 14 months.  This way we will only keep details on a physical form for a set length of time and these will be updated yearly.  The registration forms will be handed over to the manager and then stored by the administrator in a locked filing cabinet.

On the registrations forms we have a section – Any medical conditions that you wish to make us aware of or other important information.   When completing forms it is up to you what medical conditions you want to share and you have the right to keep any medical conditions private and not note them down.   The information will be stored with your details on our records and we will share only with the class teacher taking the class, the Storyland Express Manager and the Adminstrator who keeps the records and files the forms.

When you email us, facebook us or use other social media these messages are kept on the systems we use and we will respond to you through these platforms. 

We cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the internet, external networks or your own device, accordingly any online communications (e.g. information provided by email or through or website) are at your own risk.

On leaving classes and finishing Storyland Express we will send you an email asking you if want us to stay in touch.  We usually only very occasionally email those no longer going to classes e.g. one or twice a year with details of competitions e.g. Raring 2 Go Best Baby and Toddler class that we so appreciate your votes for.  If you do not wish to be contacted, we will not put you on the list for that and will give you the option to opt out.

It may be that when you leave you are on a waiting list for a different class or day and if a space came up we would contact you about that.  If you know of waiting lists for classes, you are on and do not require a place let us know and we will take you off the waiting lists that you request to be removed from. 

Any questions regarding our data policy please contact us by email on [email protected] 

Or contact Caireen on 07704536244ntact Caireen on 0770453624

The data protection officers for Storyland Express are Rachael Dempster, Administrator and Caireen McMillan, Manager.

This policy was last updated on 22nd of May 2018